JYDF Audition






今年のテーマ「Let's Get Loud!」にも期待しています。




I enjoy watching dance and watching the members’ choreographies is always very interesting for me because it is also a way to know them a little more.

Choreographing something is far from easy and it takes some courage to present it in front of everyone.

That’s why after the last audition, I do my best to express my gratitude and encourage them to keep expressing themselves even if the result is not what they expected.

Especially because for kids it can be tough to fail. But I was happy to see members who challenged themselves and took the examination for the first time.

I’m also excited for this year’s theme “Let’s Get Loud!”.

Usually kids are told to be quiet or to behave. I like that through this event we told them to make some noise, to express their joy or their anger or whatever their feelings are.

I feel there is not so much places where they’re allowed to do that.

So I’m happy we can offer that at YTJ and I’m excited to see what they have to say and show!

Thank you for reading this to the end.

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